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Haymakers For Hope

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Haymakers for Hope is a web application with a mission to K.O Cancer by training for and competing in charity boxing events to raise money and awareness for charity. Combining the efforts of an amateur boxing participants, local boxing gyms and volunteers, Haymakers for Hope wants to fight for a cure.

The platform was built in collaboration with Haymakers for Hope and Boci Studio starting in November 2014 with an aim to give the most user friendly way for donors in raising money through donations, ticket, and merchandise sales.

We want to make sure people could donate at anytime anywhere. Whether you are accessing the app via a laptop, tablet or smartphone, every donation raised will go to cancer research.

Our developers have been using RoR, HTML5 and CSS3 throughout the development of Haymakers for Hope. We hope with the advancement of technology today with the applications we build will help the healthcare industry in the future.



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With Shuttersong you can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary content. Shuttersong allows you take a picture and add sound or music to your images, and easily share it to your favorite social media.

Our team brought the ideas of Shuttersong from mockup designs to the launch of several iterations of Shuttersong. The development of Shuttersong started in 2013. Originally made exclusively for iOS devices. Starting in 2015 we took Shuttersong to a whole new level. Shuttersong is now available on both iOS and Android. We are delighted for the opportunity to provide continuous innovation and updates to the app.

Our meticulous developers crafted the beautiful Objective-C code and our techno-designers create pixel-perfect app on HTML5 and CSS3 to make sure Shuttersong runs smoothly and looks great across any devices and browsers.

Our main focus is developing user-centric design while providing seamless functionality. With a touch of a button you can take a picture, add a sound or music, share it anywhere, and easily engage with the communities around the world. Download Shuttersong for iOS and Android now!


Blackhand Design

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Blackhand Design is a creative graphic studio based in Bandung, Indonesia that builds creative, effective, and personalised brand identity development. Blackhand Design is trusted by well recognised brands that people know.

Simple yet elegant website, Boci Studio worked closely with Blackhand Design to develop a website as an online tool for showcase their latest work in the most compelling way.

Blackhand Design’s website is mobile-ready right from the start to offer best user experience. Each page has been carefully crafted to make their photos stand out on any device.



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Top Speed menyediakan spare part kelas dunia, motoGP dan terlebih lagi spare part langka. Top Speed berada di Bandung dan menjalin hubungan partnership dengan SportDevices dan VHM.
Boci Studio mempersembahkan website sederhana namun atraktif untuk memasarkan produk-produk TopSpeed. Kamu dapat dengan mudah mengirimkan pesan kepada mereka untuk memesan atau mengajukan pertanyaan melalui fitur Kontak pada website.
Website TopSpeed tentunya mudah digunakan dan dapat diakses via browser smartphone. Kamu dapat mengakses website mereka dimanapun dan kapanpun kamu mau melalui browser-mu. Ayo tingkatkan performa motormu bersama TopSpeed!


Shipment Tracking System

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  • Klien:PAL
  • Peranan:Web Developer, Android Developer, QA
  • Perangkat:Android, Web App
  • Website:

Sistem Pelacakan Pengiriman PAL dirancang untuk mempermudah perusahaan untuk mengirim dan melacak kiriman. Terdapat dua bagian dalam Sistem Pelacakan Pengiriman ini : Pertama, aplikasi berbasis web yang ditujukan khusus untuk bagian admin panel. Admin Panel mengatur semua bagian dan detail pengiriman. Kedua aplikasi mobile Android yang ditujukan untuk Pengemudi dan Sales. Aplikasi mobile Android untuk Pengemudi digunakan untuk memperbaharui status kiriman oleh Pengemudi sehingga Sales melalui aplikasi yang sama dapat melacak kiriman yang bersangkutan sudah sampai mana atau statusnya apa.



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  • Kk d portofolio 01
  • Kk d portofolio 02
  • Kk d portofolio 03
  • Klien:Klik Kapal Indonesia
  • Peranan:Web App Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, Quality Assurance
  • Perangkat:Android, iOS, Web App
  • Website:

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